Week Beginning 5th March

posted 28 Feb 2018, 21:35 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 28 Feb 2018, 21:37 ]
This week was begin learning block 1 of our new space unit; Friends from Outer Space. The alien family who landed in our playground this week have a lovely safe home to live in, we built it together in our role-play area. This week we will learn about rockets and fix/make one for the alien family (the moonbeams) so that they can fly back to their own planet. We will use our enquiry skills to explore how rockets move and what kinds of shape they are. We will also look at real rockets that are used by astronauts to fly to the moon and the space station.

Watch this video of the real space landing, this will help you understand more about what the moon actually looks like close up!

We are practicing our skills in showing morality towards others and are considering the feelings of the moonbeam family as they are far away from their home. We will continue to take care of them and think about what we can make for them to be more comfortable and happy. We will also think about the children in nursery who are new and are away from their Mummy and Daddy. We will consider ways we can make them feel more happy and safe at nursery too!
Our Big Question this week will be; What can we see in the sky. We will use this big question to begin our big enquiry into space in general and whats up there!!

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus (Reflection Week)

IEYC Outcome Focus

1.11a Being empathetic and sensitive towards others

2.60a Using language associated with time; morning, afternoon, day, night etc.

2.13a Listening to others and joining in listening activities for developmentally-appropriate periods of time