Week Beginning 30th November

posted 26 Oct 2017, 17:29 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 26 Oct 2017, 19:16 ]
This week we are starting Learning Block 4; 

We will make our own real gingerbread in class YUM! We will practice identifying all the changing characters and reflect on their order and events. We will make gingerbread races where we have to run away just like he does in the story. We will design our own gingerbread man and practice choosing our favourite different materials to stick.

We will introduce the BIG question How is gingerbread made? We will look at how the gingerbread man ends up at the shop to be bought and all the processes that come before it.

Our Personal Quality focus this week is Communication we will practice alot of this skill as we retell and act out the story as different characters. 

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




3.20 Exploring wildlife, domestic animals, birds, sea life, insects and other life forms that are of interest

2.9a Using word endings to describe more than one object; applying past/future/present tenses

2.63a Exploring weight through play and practical activities

Last week's learning experiences; (remember to look on seesaw to see your child's weekly learning journey)
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