Week Beginning 30th Jan

posted 26 Jan 2017, 20:58 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 26 Jan 2017, 21:07 ]

We complete our final Learning Block of the Unit this week called, Fun In The Sun! This week’s Big Question is What is the moon?  We will think about the differences between day and night as well as consider where the sun goes at night time. The children will reflect on their daily routine and compare it with their night time routine. We will practice arranging picture cards in order to show the changes that occur throughout the day. We will also role-play using the doll’s house and a day/night back drop to act out scenes from our own personal daily home routine.

At home you could discuss animals that only come out at night time. First watch the Peppa Pig Night Animals episode to learn more.


We will continue focusing on the Personal Quality, Respect this week. In Nursery we use the book Giraffes Can’t Dance to show us the importance of showing respect to others. The book teaches us why we shouldn’t laugh at people who are different or having difficulty.   


Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




Learning Block 4; Fun in the sun! Week 2

3.17a Exploring the sky, sun, moon and stars

Letter of the week g

2.13a Listening to others and joining in listening activities for developmentally appropriate periods of time

Number of the week 7

2.61a Exploring length and height through play and practical activities

Photographs of last week’s learning experiences:
Catching suns with nets                         Role playing in a hot sunny climate
Making sunshine light catcher
Practicing our ball skills with rolling and hand control