Week Beginning 28th Nov

posted 24 Nov 2016, 12:46 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 24 Nov 2016, 20:54 ]

This coming week our learning will focus on the Big QuestionHow do storms make you feel?


We are starting Learning Block 2 which is called 
Stormy Days. We will first enquire about different types of storms using media such as video, story books and pictures. The children will explore the story book series Percy The Park Keeper, in particular the story called After The Storm (Click on the picture to watch together at home). We will role-play this story and try to recall the main events and characters. Later in the week we will create our own storms through crafts as well us using musical instruments and dance. 

We will focus on the Personal Quality Resilience this week. We will practice showing resilience as we create a class storm, with the loud noises the children will be making with the instruments!


Nursery IEYC Strand Focus




Learning Block 2; Stormy Days

3.11a Identifying patterns in the natural world

Phonics: Matching sound makers

2.82a singing songs, making sounds, exploring musical instruments and their sounds

Shape of the week Oval

2.62a Using language associated with length and height

Photographs of last week’s learning experiences:
Blow painting - I can control my breathing to push air through the straw
We are having fun learning to identify numbers and explore their value
Observing clouds being made in the steam, learning about safety with hot water