Week Beginning 28th May

posted 24 May 2018, 20:24 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 24 May 2018, 20:30 ]
We have just finished a fun Entry Week into our new Learning Unit Ocean Treasures; Beach and Sea Life. We had so much fun role-playing a day at the beach using our beach clothes and accessories. We set up some fun stations where we could practice playing and exploring in the sand as well as paddling in the water! We are showing so much excitement and enthusiasm now that we have started to 'capture their curiosity'. 

Our Big Question this week is... What can you find by the beach? 
We will begin Learning Block 1 next week called; By The Sea. We will make patterns in the sand, explore seashells on the sea sore, enquire about things that wash up and discover Turtle beach. Our Personal Quality focus is Morality this week as we will be considering how we can look after our beaches and why it would be a very sad choice to leave rubbish on the beach and what might happen if we do. We have great story books to aid our enquiry and enthusiasm as we learn all about the things we can find on the beach/by the sea. 

Here is a little video you can watch at home so that you can support further learning and discussion at home too;

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus

IEYC Outcome Focus

3.12a Exploring natural materials and objects

2.66a Using language associated with capacity

1.27a Learning independently, alongside and with others

Remember to have a look on your Seesaw Learning Journey this week to see some photos of the wonderful learning we have been experiencing!