Week Beginning 25th Jan: Changes IPC Unit

posted 23 Jan 2016, 03:58 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 23 Jan 2016, 04:12 ]

We've just finished a great week learning about the Spring and Autumn Seasons, look at the photos below to help your child reflect and share all their new learning with you! Now this coming week we look forward to looking for changes and differences between the Summer and Winter season.

The children will be practicing their Enquiry skills, one of our IPC Personal Qualities. They will do this by experimenting, investigating and asking questions linked to Winter and Summer Seasons.   

The children will have the opportunity to explore what seasons are and what the key changes are that occur in each season. We will engage in a variety of art, investigations and roleplay centred around Winter and Summer. To support our learning we will continue take part in some seasons songs as well as make a snowflake dance to this calming snowflake song, you may enjoy dancing along at home too.

This week we will compare the two storybooks, The Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and our new story, The Lady Who Swallowed Snow. We will look for changes in the stories as well as similarities. The Lady Who Swallowed Snow is an funny story about a woman who eats all the special ingredients to make a snowman, this links to this weeks Winter Season theme.


These are four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;

Independence and Interdependence

1.21 the local area


2.12 enjoying and using words and books


3.5 playing with ideas and materials as an enjoyable and creative approach to learning

Healthy Living

4.3 making choices

Home Links:

This week we have a special focus on the seasons Summer and Winter. At home this week you could take advantage of all that snow outside and take part in a melting/freezing experiment. Ask your child to decide on two places where they think the snow might melt fastest and experiment. Discuss what the results were and why? Email us any photos of your snow experiments this week and we can present them to the class to add to our learning!

Special Notices:

* Summer Day! On Friday the children are invited to dress up with a summer theme to celebrate all our learning from the past two weeks of our seasons focus. It will be a great opportunity for us to explore the differences between the way we dress in summer and winter. Some ideas for Friday’s dress up theme; sun hat, sunglasses, grass hula skirt or any clothing with bright sunny colours.

* If any parents would like to volunteer to help take a small group of children for ICT (computer/IPAD) support in class on Wednesday mornings at 11am please sign up on our Nursery Noticeboard in the corridor. Thank you!

Some of our learning experiences from last week: