Week Beginning 24th Oct

posted 20 Oct 2016, 22:10 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 20 Oct 2016, 22:16 ]

We have now come to the end of our This Is Me! Unit and this coming week we have our Reflection Week. The children will have the opportunity to reflect on all their new skills and knowledge that they have learned across their This Is Me! Unit. We have selected a different theme of Unit focused learning for each day. The children will have opportunities to choose their favourite learning activities from the unit and show and discuss their new learning with the other children and teachers.

Our Early Years Exit Point will be a Birthday themed party on Thursday morning. The children are taking ownership for organising all their party games, food/drinks and making decorations. They will be responsible for making all the decisions and will practice showing cooperation as they take on other children’s ideas and make decisions in a group.

Then on Friday the children will join in with the whole school Exit Point for their class' Habitats Unit of learning. The Nursery children are invited to dress up as an animal. In preparation you can discuss in advance with your child at home what habitat their animal comes from; sea side, forest, desert etc.


The children will have a big focus on the personal quality Reflection (which was previously called Thoughtfulness). They will practice thinking back on their favourite learning, games, role-play and crafts in the Unit. We will use our personal Learning Journey books to help us to reflect. On Tuesday morning our morning question for children/parents will be to look through your learning journey book to reflect on together.

Nursery IEYC Strand Focus




Reflection Week

1.6a Expressing personal choices

Letter of the week Dd

2.6a Using language skills in play situations

Number of the week 8

2.38 Reciting a sequence of numbers

The previous week's photographs of our learning experiences, Looking After Myself and Others:

https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3504.JPG?attredirects=0  https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3510.JPG?attredirects=0 
Our new playground - Opening Ceremony!
https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3520.JPG?attredirects=0  https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3523.JPG?attredirects=0
Getting our hands dirty!! ....then learning how to carefully wash them clean!
https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3542.JPG?attredirects=0 https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3545.JPG?attredirects=0 
Sensory exploration with toothpaste - Enquiry 
https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3636.JPG?attredirects=0  https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning24thoct/IMG_3628.JPG?attredirects=0
Miss Tricia taught us how to brush all the different sides of our teeth (and that we have to always let Mum/Dad brush our teeth first before we have a turn).