Week Beginning 23rd Jan

posted 19 Jan 2017, 21:06 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 19 Jan 2017, 21:08 ]

We start our final Learning Block of the Unit this week called, Fun In The Sun! This week’s Big Question is What is the sun?  The children will begin the answer this throughout the week through a series of investigations, enquiry and experiments. The children will also have the opportunity to make some art work; making a stained glass window, sun catcher as well as design clothing which helps protect them from the sun.


You can take part in your own investigation here on the NationalGeographic Kids website


We will continue focusing on the Personal Quality, Adaptability this week. In Nursery we use the book I want my potty! to help support us in understanding what Adaptability is. The character in the story has to learn to show more adaptability!  

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




Learning Block 4; Fun in the sun!

3.17a Exploring the sky, sun, moon and stars

Rhyming; identifying the odd one out

2.12a Identifying and anticipating repetition in rhymes

Patterns  cont.; creating your own pattern of 2 or 3 elements

2.49a Recreating and creating number patterns


Photographs of last week’s learning experiences:
Feeding our animals after hibernation     We made a den to hibernate in!
                                                                    We are exploring with real icebergs! 
We can take care of the bears and design a cosy place to hibernate