Week beginning 19th Sept

posted 15 Sep 2016, 20:43 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 15 Sep 2016, 20:51 ]

This coming week our learning will focus on the Big Question in Learning Block 2; Can you describe your home to me?

To help them to answer this question the children will use the photographs that you have emailed me of their home in Sakhalin to support them in their discussion and presenting.

They will practice skills in number and shape by counting how many doors and windows they see, what shape they are and identifying numbers on doors, especially the number 3 which is our number of the week!  

You can make links to their learning at home by singing along to this shape song. (Click on the picture)


This week the children have a Personal Quality focus on communication. In nursery communication  means looking at the person who is speaking, speaking loud enough so people can hear, answering questions, responding to directions. We can also practice communication through non-verbal means using actions, expression and sounds.

Our Weekly IEYC Strand learning focus:

IEYC : This is Me!



Learning Block 2: My Home

1.24a sharing experiences with others

Letter of the week Tt

2.3a Expressing ideas and experiences through language

Number of the week 3

2.53a exploring size and shape through real life play and contexts

Photos from our previous week's learning experiences:
*Please email me a photograph of your home from our host country Russia and a family picture asap. If you also have a photo of your house from your home country that would really support our international learning too. Thanks! :-) patriciahagan.sis@gmail.com
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