Week Beginning 17th Oct

posted 13 Oct 2016, 22:00 by Nursery Teacher 2

This coming week our learning will focus another Big Question in Learning Block 3; How can we keep our bodies healthy?

We will begin to answer this question through enquiry and exploration this week as we take part in Learning Block 4; Looking after myself and others.

This week at home we would like you to have a special focus on good tooth brushing practices. If possible use a timer so your child can practice having their teeth brushed for two full minutes. We will remind the children in class that at this age Mummy/Daddy must still help with their brushing as they are not old enough yet to brush fully. Here is a link to a great video for the whole family which clearly shows why and how to keep our teeth healthy.


Now that we have been introduced to the three Personal Qualities; Morality, Communication and Enquiry we are going to spend next week reflecting on them. The children will practice identifying them in their learning throughout the week as well as look back at the special story books that help us to understand their meaning. 

The primary 1 and Nursery class took part in an Enquiry last week to answer the big question; How do babies learn to walk? Here is a photograph showing some ways the children practiced their enquiry skills to help them answer this question; video, photographs in books and the internet & questioned others who had a baby brother/sister.


Nursery IEYC Strand Focus




Learning block 3 (2nd week) My Family and Me

4.2a looking after our bodies and teeth

Letter of the week Mm

2.16 Exploring and observing the use of printed materials and resources

Number of the week 7

2.45a selecting a given number of objects


The previous week's photographs of our learning experiences, with a 2nd week of learning focus on My Family and Me:
We practiced washing the babies to help us reflect on all the changes & new learning that has happened to use since we were babies!
We explored the story Dogger which was about a special toy that got lost. The children practiced their Communication skills after listening to the story. They tried retelling it's events in small groups using characters from the story. 
We made a baby collage using different craft materials. We reflected on how our faces have changed since we were a baby.