Week Beginning 17th April

posted 16 Apr 2017, 15:55 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 16 Apr 2017, 16:28 ]
This coming week we continue Learning Block 3; Dinosaur Dilemmas. We will practice our maths skills in problem solving, predicting and counting. The children’s role-play will have a volcano and asteroid added to it this week which will add excitement and new ideas to our imaginative dinosaur adventures.

We will continue our Big Question this week is; What do dinosaurs eat? We have made two dinosaurs using boxes, one is a herbivore and the other a carnivore. The children will enquire about what this means and what kids of food would have been available at the time of dinosaurs. They will then practice sorting the food into two categories; plants/veg and meat and feed them to the dinosaurs we made.

This week we will practice using the Personal Quality Respect. We have a focus on Friendships linked to the story “The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar!” The children will think about ways that they can speak kindly to their friends and how some words may make them feel sad. 

Last week the children have shown great cooperation when playing in our role-play museum shop. Now that we have practiced in class the children are independently using money to buy and sell the different dinosaur items. They especially enjoy scanning all the things they want at the till and bagging it up!

Last week we also explored the story Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. This is a great story to create interest in counting. The children enjoyed making their own bucket of dinosaurs and practiced counting them out one at a time and aranging them in a line. This week you could fill your own dinosaur bucket at home! 

 Click to here to watch a story teller read another book in the series called "Harry's Dinosaurs go Wild"

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




Learning Block 3B.; Dinosaur Dilemmas

1.4a Developing positive friendships  

Letter of the week Hh

2.5a Describing objects, people, places and events that are present/not present  

Sorting and identifying differences & similarities. Introduce making predictions.

2.57a Identifying similarities and differences between shapes (and objects)


Photographs of last week’s learning experiences:
Making a raft to help the dinosaurs - we can practice choosing items that can float to make it
Making treasure islands - we can roll the dough into a ball then squish it flat into an island shape
"What would you like to buy in our cafe?" - Working in our Dino Museum cafe