Week Beginning 14th Nov

posted 10 Nov 2016, 21:36 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 10 Nov 2016, 21:51 ]

This coming week our learning will focus on the Big QuestionWhere does rain come from?

We will begin to answer this question using enquiry and exploration this week as we take part in experiments through Learning Block 1’s activity; It’s Raining It’s Pouring.

The children have helped to design their new role-play Weather Station over that last week and we will continue to add to it as our learning develops through the unit. Using the water tray we will experiment with sponges to support our learning about clouds. We will make a Rain Gauge using a plastic bottle and learn how it measures rain. We will use watering cans to role-play a rainy day and use our number skills to read how much rain has filled up in our Rain Gauge. You could try to make one at home too or place a marker outside to help you measure how much snow falls each day.


Our new Role-play area will support this week’s Personal Quality focus on, Communication. We will use the map and symbols in the tv weather channel to explain the weather to our friends. The children will try to speak using sentences and/or phrases as they present.


Nursery IEYC Strand Focus




Weather Wonders - Block 1 - How’s the Weather?

1.26a The pleasure and delight of gaining new experiences

Phonics: Identifying the initial sound of objects /names

2.14 Following conversations and stories

Shape of the week: Circle

2.65a Exploring capacity through play and practical activities

Photographs of the previous week’s learning experiences:

Entry Point; recieving a letter & weather waver from Mrs Weather
Helping to design our weather station with rain clouds and sunshines 
Strengthening our arms and practicing some Tarzan moves in PE class!