Week Beginning 13th March

posted 9 Mar 2017, 20:59 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 9 Mar 2017, 21:09 ]

This coming week we continue Learning Block 2; Digging up the past. We will gather all the wonderful creations we have made ie. Dino bones made with salt dough, fossils made from clay, the new tools we have learned to use and labels we wrote. We will then put all of these into our class museum! The children will set up a museum café, dino gift shop and information kiosk. We will practice taking on new roles and work together.

Our Big Question this week is; What might you see in a museum?  

Here are two video clips from the Night At The Museum movies. See if your child can identify what dinosaur it is by looking at the skeleton shape.



This week we will practice using the Personal Quality Reflection. We will reflect on our personal experiences with museums. Have you ever been to a museum with your family? If not, have you ever read a story or seen a movie about a museum? What did you see there?

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




Learning Block 2B.; Digging up the past

1.22a Recognising that gratification is not always instant

Letter of the week Uu

2.13a Listening to others and joining in listening activities for developmentally appropriate periods of time

Measurement & Size

2.53a Exploring size and shape through real life play and contexts

Photographs of last week’s learning experiences:

https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning13thmarch/IMG_5108.JPG   https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning13thmarch/IMG_5109.JPG

We practiced our skills in following a recipe to make salt dough for our dino bones

https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning13thmarch/IMG_5128.JPG   https://sites.google.com/a/sakhalinschool.net/www-sakhalinschool-net/home/class-pages/pre-nursery/pre-nursery-news/weekbeginning13thmarch/IMG_5137.JPG

After looking at pictures of dinosaur skeletons we tried to build our own

We made fossils using clay by pressing in objects like shells, dino feet, arms etc. We can try to identify what it is by the print left on the clay. We are dino detectives!