Week Beginning 27th June

posted 23 Jun 2016, 14:04 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 8 Sep 2016, 21:10 ]

We will take part in Block 4 of the Unit this week, which is all about the science of super powers! We are going to take part in a variety of investigations which will help us learn new skills and knowledge about forces and movement, the properties of ice, flight, as well as our own super 5 senses.

Click on the picture to get some ideas and watch a flying experiment online.


The children will practice their skills in Enquiry while they investigate and experiment with real science super powers.

These are four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;

Independence and Interdependence

1.6a Expressing own views and ideas


2.5a Describing objects, people, places and events that are present and not present


3.1a Exploring the senses

Healthy Living

4.12a  Playing games and using equipment independently, in pairs and with groups

Home Links:

There are many experiments that we are doing at school that you can try at home this week. If you have toy cars you could experiment with forces and speed by building different ramps for them and testing how far they can go.

We have previously tried the ping-pong ball and hairdryer experiment in class during our Changes Unit. The children loved it! You could try this at home using a balloon if you don’t have a ping-pong.

Phonics Learning (Afternoon Nursery Kids):

This week’s Jolly Phonic letters are Zz and Ww.

Whenever you feel the wind blowing out side this week you can use it as an opportunity to practice saying the sound of Ww. We make this sound by pretending to blow the leaves off of our hand.

Zz song 

Ww song 

Photos from last weeks learning: