Week Beginning 16th Jan

posted 12 Jan 2017, 21:08 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 12 Jan 2017, 21:28 ]

Welcome back to Nursery everyone, it has been great hearing about all your adventures in the holidays. Next week is our second week exploring Block 3 in our Weather Wonders Unit; Snow and Ice. This week’s Big Question is What is it like to live in the Arctic?

The big question will launch us into a week of exciting learning about the Arctic Circle. We will enquire about the weather, animals who live there, hibernation and ice bergs.

* On Tuesday we will have a special Winter Olympics theme day. We will explore what it is and be introduced to some of the winter sports.


* On Thursday the children are invited to wear their Pajamas and bring a soft toy/teddy to school for a special learning day about winter hibernation. Click here to watch a video together to learn more.

We will introduce the Personal Quality, Adaptability this week. In Nursery the children can practice being adaptable by exploring new roles, exploring different ideas and developing strategies for coping with change and unfamiliar situations.  

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




Learning Block 3; Snow and Ice

3.12a Exploring natural materials and objects

Letter of the week: Alliteration - (Example; David's dangerous dinosaur)

 2.21a Exploring words through games & play

Numbers 1-10 counting forwards and back

2.49a Recreating and creating number patterns


Photographs of last week’s learning experiences: