Week Beginning 10th May

posted 4 May 2017, 20:29 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 4 May 2017, 20:44 ]

We are excited to begin our new Unit called The Brilliant Bug Ball this coming week! For our Entry Point the children will go on a bug hunt around the wooded area in Zima, across from the school. We will have special viewing boxes where we can examine some of the creatures back at school. The children will make some art to represent their findings. We will also help to create natural art to contribute to our Mini beast corner and Examination Station.

Our Big Question this week is; Where can you find insects/bugs?

This will begin an initial enquiry for the children into what local insects we have in Sakhalin and where they can be found.


This week we will practice showing the Personal Quality Morality. This will be centered around our learning about being gentle with the insects we are examining. We will learn about how fragile and precious they are and how to examine them carefully.

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




Entry Point/ The Big Picture / Capturing Curiosity

3.22 How to take care of living things and the environment

Non-fiction insect books

2.19 Exploring books and reading for pleasure

Comparing and describing the insects shape and size

2.56a Describing objects according to shape and size

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