Nursery Home Learning 4

posted 6 Oct 2015, 20:09 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 6 Oct 2015, 20:18 ]

Please keep all printed learning in paper form and bring it into school on Monday so we can keep it as a record of your child’s learning. Also since much of our home learning is practical, then photo records of your child’s learning can be emailed to me at  Thank you

We will continue our focus on exploring stories from around the world. Our class story is The Gingerbread Man, a traditional and well known story from Germany. Have a look at the world stories website to explore several other stories from different countries from around the world: 

We will use the photos you send me and records of home learning to create our own Nursery Gingerbread Man activity book to be presented in our School Library.


Here are the four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;

Independence and Interdependence

1.9 their ability to acquire new interests and skills


2.11 stories and literature valued by cultures in their community


3.4 taking part in symbolic, pretend or dramatic play

 Healthy Living

4.4 paying attention


Your Learning Tasks for Wednesday & Thursday;

1. Song: You can begin by watching the traditional song from the 1960’s the Gingerbread song. See if you can sing along, it will help you remember the phrase the gingerbread man uses in the story “Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man”.

2. Alternative story: Here is a very funny and silly version of the Gingerbread Man story. After watching this see if you can reflect together about the differences between this story and the original one we watched in Mondays home learning. What parts did you find funny in this version of the story?

 3. Gingerbread man patterns: Print this page and practice making patterns to decorate your gingerbread man. This will help develop your pencil control skills. Try to encourage your child to hold their pencil using the tripod grip.

4. Size ordering and cutting skills: Print the page and allow your child to take their time cutting out each of the shapes. Then support them in some logical thinking by ordering them according to their size, smallest to largest.

5. Playdough roleplay: If you haven't yet had a go at making your own playdough at home then look at Monday's home learning blog update to find an easy recipe and what ingredients to use.
Using your homemade playdough see if you can follow the instructions to create the following on these playdough mats.

6. Extra option - Stick puppet role-play: if you have a lolly sticks at home or straws you can cut these out and use them to retell the gingerbread story. If you have any brother or sisters at home you could involve them too!