Nursery Home Learning

posted 27 Sep 2015, 18:54 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 27 Sep 2015, 23:04 ]
Continuing our IPC Unit Food this week we will have a big focus on Pancakes.
We will explore a story, learn a new counting poem and take part in some fun tasks linked to Pancakes!
Our Personal Quality focus this week is Adaptability "I can happily try something new and cope with changes". 
Have a look below to find out more...

Here are the four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;

Independence and Interdependence

1.24 expressing their own ideas


2.12 enjoying and using words and books


3.7 actively exploring and making sense of the world by using tools, materials and equipment

 Healthy Living

4.5 concentrating 

Your Tasks for Monday & Tuesday;
1. You can begin by watching/listening to the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes on You-tube. I have included some comprehension questions for you to ask your child. Pause the story to ask the question, discuss and reflect. 
Mr Wolf's Pancakes - link to video  

2. Read the following poem together. What actions can you include as you say the poem? 

3. Fine-motor skill development. Print the following Pencil Control Task for your child. Focus on holding the pencil using the tripod grip and following the dotted lines slowly and carefully.

4. Size ordering maths task. Print and cut out each pancake, mix up their order. Ask your child to arrange them into order of size; smallest to largest. Encourage them to use the describing words; smaller & Larger

5. Ingredients hunt; can you find the following pancake ingredients in your house? Once your child has located the ingredients perhaps you would like to practice making some pancakes together? 

* Email me a photo of the ingredients you find in your house and we will use it in show and tell when you return to school!