My Toy Shop - Entry Point - 20th Nov

posted 16 Nov 2017, 19:36 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 23 Nov 2017, 14:25 ]

This week we will begin our new Learning Unit which is called My Toy Shop. 
On Monday 20th November we will have our Entry Point, the children will discover a special letter from The Toymaker. The Toymaker has gone away and left the children in charge of his special toy shop. The children will see that The Toymaker has left lots of boxes of toys all around the room for the children to explore. Using their enquiry skills the children will decide how best to sort these toys and create their toy shop! 
We will look at the Big Picture of the My Toy Shop Unit and find out what exciting learning we are going to explore in the weeks ahead, the children will also have opportunities to share their own ideas, interests and suggestions in our Capturing Curiosity session.  

Our learning this week will help us to answer and discuss this week's Big Question; What toys do you play with? The children will learn new skills in sorting toys into different categories; by colour, by it's features and it's shape etc.  We will also begin using our new role-play shop and practice skills in buying and selling items as well as organising our shop so that the toys are displayed nicely on the shelves. 

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




1.24 Sharing experiences with others

2.11a Listening to familiar sounds and identifying them; joining in stories, poems, action songs and rhymes

2.40a Exploring one to one correspondence

Photos of last weeks learning
*Thank you so much for joining our open morning on Wednesday it was so nice to share our learning with you!!