Entering our new Food Unit

posted 8 Sep 2015, 23:17 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 14 Sep 2015, 03:41 ]

Next week we are excited to begin our new Early Years IPC Unit called Food.

We will launch this Unit with a special picnic Entry Point on Monday 14th. Parents are requested to bring in a small snack for their child to share with three children. The snack you bring can be any favourite international food, please write on what country it originates from. Our Entry Point will enable the children to take responsibility and practice the Personal Quality Communication as they set up and help organise our picnic. 

We have added a cooking/baking sign up sheet on our notice board for any parents who would like to volunteer to make food with the children.

We look forward to our exciting week ahead, thank you for your participation in sharing and supporting our learning.

*Please note that due to severe allergies we request that parents do not add any nut ingredients to the food you bring to school. Thank you for keeping us safe J

Some snacky ideas for you...