A safer journey to school

posted 3 Sep 2015, 01:54 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 13 Sep 2015, 17:28 by neil.pettitt@sakhalinschool.net ]
This week we have joined the whole school in a learning focus on how we can have a safer journey to school.
* IPC Early Years strand 4.9 Keeping themselves safe from harm *

We focused on three main learning outcomes;
To be able to cross a road safely.
To know you should always wear a helmet when riding a bike/scooter.
To understand and talk about why helmets and reflectors are important. 

Designing a Safe Town - We planned our town so that people could be safe walking to school

Through role-play we have taken part in several exciting learning experiences such as; 
- Building a safe town by designing where our roads, schools and footpaths should go,
- Class building games using road safety cards
- Cooperative learning strategies; quiz quiz trade using safe and unsafe cards,
- How to put on our seat-belt by practicing in role-play and using our real seat belts,
- Designing a bike helmet with reflectors through collage,
- Road safety songs including King of the Road and Stop, Look, Listen, Think,
- Zebra crossing pattern and traffic craft,
- ICT interactive smart-board games identifying dangers near the road.


Nursery Knowledge Harvest
We began the week by developing our personal quality Thoughtfulness. The children had thinking time then took part in a discussion all about safety when traveling to school. We used photos as a prompt to help the children. Everyone had an opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts so that we could find out what the children already know about safety and what we would like to research and explore next. 
Nursery Teacher 2,
3 Sep 2015, 14:51