(3 Day) Week Beginning 14th June

posted 7 Jun 2017, 19:36 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 7 Jun 2017, 19:56 ]

After the long weekend we continue Learning Block 3; Minibeasts on the move. We will practice identifying which Minibeasts we think move slow and which move fast, then we will sort them into two groups. We will take part in a ‘minibeast parade’ song and move and control our bodies in the different ways each bug moves. We will look at some real Minibeasts and use our enquiry skills to observe how fast/slow they move and compare them.

You can watch this Minibeast Madness song at home by the CBeebies, it shows you some real Minibeasts and how they move. The children make a Minibeast parade just like we will do at school.


We continue our investigation into the BIG question is Where can minibeasts be found? We are researching  this by going outside to our playground and recording what kinds of places we find the most mini beasts. We will also use our Minibeast Non-fiction books to find out new facts about habitats of various Minibeasts.

This week we will again practice using the Personal Quality Cooperation. This week we are focusing on tidy up time and ensuring each of us take responsibility in helping to put things back in their place. We are also trying to ensure we only take out one toy at a time so that we are able to tidy it away when we finish.  


Weekly Nursery Strand Focus




Learning Block 3 Minibeasts on the move

3.10a Exploring what makes things move

Playing rhyming games and creating our own rhyming words

2.12a Identifying and anticipating repetition in stories, poems, songs, rhymes and other language activities  

Number and counting reflection

2.44a Separating a quantity of objects into groups with smaller number values


Photographs of last week’s learning experiences:
Phonics & Maths stations         Making A A A ant trail patterns with cotton buds/paint