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  • Using the photos as a reminder try using these prompts with your child to find out more about the learning below: 'Tell me...',  'Show me...', 'Talk to me about...'.  
  • Look out for links to songs, websites and ideas within our blog which will provide opportunities for you to continue the learning at home.  Miss Tricia and Miss Natasha

Book Day in Nursery

posted 14 Jun 2018, 17:27 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 14 Jun 2018, 17:28 ]

Week Beginning 28th May

posted 24 May 2018, 20:24 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 24 May 2018, 20:30 ]

We have just finished a fun Entry Week into our new Learning Unit Ocean Treasures; Beach and Sea Life. We had so much fun role-playing a day at the beach using our beach clothes and accessories. We set up some fun stations where we could practice playing and exploring in the sand as well as paddling in the water! We are showing so much excitement and enthusiasm now that we have started to 'capture their curiosity'. 

Our Big Question this week is... What can you find by the beach? 
We will begin Learning Block 1 next week called; By The Sea. We will make patterns in the sand, explore seashells on the sea sore, enquire about things that wash up and discover Turtle beach. Our Personal Quality focus is Morality this week as we will be considering how we can look after our beaches and why it would be a very sad choice to leave rubbish on the beach and what might happen if we do. We have great story books to aid our enquiry and enthusiasm as we learn all about the things we can find on the beach/by the sea. 

Here is a little video you can watch at home so that you can support further learning and discussion at home too;

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus

IEYC Outcome Focus

3.12a Exploring natural materials and objects

2.66a Using language associated with capacity

1.27a Learning independently, alongside and with others

Remember to have a look on your Seesaw Learning Journey this week to see some photos of the wonderful learning we have been experiencing!

Week beginning 23rd April

posted 19 Apr 2018, 22:19 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 19 Apr 2018, 22:38 ]

This week we will really put our enquiry skillls into practice as be become Moon Explorers. We will be investigating the shapes of the moon and apply our new knowledge by creating some amazing textured moon art as well as moon printing. We will focus on identifying the crest shapes as well as circle shapes in the different moon phases. We will explore night time and learn some songs and poetry about nighttime and the moon. We will become rock detectives in the sand tray as we examine and find moon rocks and their different shapes and textures using our senses. We already have had a practice moon walking, but we will continue this and make an obstacle course which will challenge our balancing and gross motor skills. 
Finally we should be able to answer our Big Question What does the moon look like?? 

Here is an image of the moon phases in case any parents want to practice identifying them to support their child's learning further this coming week...

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus

IEYC Outcome Focus

1.5a Routines and associated behaviours

3.17a Exploring the sun, moon and stars

4.10a Developing gross motor skills using a range of equipment

Previous weeks learning opportunities;

Week Beginning April 16th

posted 28 Mar 2018, 19:48 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 29 Mar 2018, 21:11 ]

We are looking forward to welcoming Christopher to our Pre-Nursery this week, i'm sure the children will be very kind and welcoming to help him settle in. We also have some children starting our afternoon sessions. This term we will begin to prepare for Primary 1 which is very exciting!
This week in Nursery we will go to 'Space Camp' where the children will take part in lots of physical training to prepare them for a visit to space! We will learn about keeping our bodies healthy both in our eating choices as well as in exercise. We will explore what food is healthy for our body and how it helps us grow up big and strong. We will learn to do different exercises that make our heart rate change and our breathing faster! This will be a great opportunity to make sure your snack at school contains some fruit or vegetables. The children will be awarded a special healthy food sticker for any children who bring (and eat/taste) some fruit or vegetables at school, so if you have a tricky eater at home this may help motivate them to try something new at school. 

We are going to learn a funny song "I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas". It changes the sounds of the words using the vowels a,e,i,o,u. We will then try some yummy apples and bananas of our own which we will learn to prepare into fruit kebabs. *if you click on the picture you can hear the song*

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus

IEYC Outcome Focus

4.4a Exploring food, drink, textures and tastes

4.4b Healthy eating and sleeping choices

Outcome focus: 49. The importance of healthy eating and physical activity

Week Beginning 26th March

posted 21 Mar 2018, 19:21 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 22 Mar 2018, 19:32 ]

We have really shown an interest and excitement in our planets learning this week! We are going to continue to explore planets next week as we still have so many exciting things to learn about them! We will finish our papier mache planets, we have made all the planets in our solar system. We will hang them from our ceiling so that we can continue to practice identifying them all. We are learning to use the planetarium to guide us in naming each of the planets in order. We already can identify many of the planets based on their features. 

We will have a little investigation/enquiry into Spring time this coming week too. We have a special action song to learn about a Spring Chicken which you may hear your child continue to sing at home through the week, it is very fun to sing. We will make some flowers, bunny rabbits and chicks which will hep us explore all the changes that happen in Spring time. As part of our cooking learning we will practice cooking eggs and get to eat them afterwards!
*Click picture to watch/listen to our Spring Chicken song*

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus (Reflection Week)

IEYC Outcome Focus

2.77a Exploring and creating 2D and 3D art work

3.18a Representing the environment through model making, drawings and art work

3.17a Exploring the sky, sun, moon and stars

Photos from our previous week's Learning Experiences

Week Beginning 19th March

posted 14 Mar 2018, 19:50 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 15 Mar 2018, 19:17 ]

We had great fun exploring stars and their constellations last week! This coming week we will have an exciting time enquiring about planets. We will learn the different names of the planets and what different colours and shapes they each have! We will look at a planetarium to help us understand where our planet Earth is in relation to the sun and other planets. We will develop our creative art skills as we use our senses to make different textures using paints and materials to make planets with! 

We will make some papier mache planets at school this week. Here is some amazing planets another family made in their home using balloons, papier mache and paint which might inspire you to have a try at home! :-)

Our Big question this week is Can you describe this planet? We can practice our communication skills as well as our observational skills throughout the week as we practice answering this question through our enquiries. 

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus (Reflection Week)

IEYC Outcome Focus

1.6a Expressing personal choices

4.4a Exploring food and drink, textures and tastes

3.4a Exploring how we move

Some of our previous week's Learning Experiences;

Week Beginning 12th March

posted 11 Mar 2018, 22:13 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 11 Mar 2018, 22:31 ]

This week we continue learning Block 1; Friends from outer space. We will have a special focus on "Up above the world so high" which is all about the stars! We will be making our own stars, exploring real star constellations as well as learning about astronomers and the special equipment they use. We will make star gazing telescopes in class for our role play area. 
We will sing twinkle twinkle little star in class, one of our favourite nursery songs so we know it well. Perhaps at home you could sing this song together before bed, then look at the sky to see if any stars have appeared outside your window. 
Our Big Question this week is What Do Stars Look Like? By taking part in a star enquiry this week we will discover what stars really look like and that they are not like the star shapes we usually draw. This will open up several ore questions about what stars are made of and what they are doing in the sky!

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus (Reflection Week)

IEYC Outcome Focus

1.7a Making choices with other

3.8a Using materials to carry out simple investigations

2.54a Exploring size and shape through construction materials, puzzles, modelling and creative ideas

Photographs from last weeks learning;

Week Beginning 5th March

posted 28 Feb 2018, 21:35 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 28 Feb 2018, 21:37 ]

This week was begin learning block 1 of our new space unit; Friends from Outer Space. The alien family who landed in our playground this week have a lovely safe home to live in, we built it together in our role-play area. This week we will learn about rockets and fix/make one for the alien family (the moonbeams) so that they can fly back to their own planet. We will use our enquiry skills to explore how rockets move and what kinds of shape they are. We will also look at real rockets that are used by astronauts to fly to the moon and the space station.

Watch this video of the real space landing, this will help you understand more about what the moon actually looks like close up!

We are practicing our skills in showing morality towards others and are considering the feelings of the moonbeam family as they are far away from their home. We will continue to take care of them and think about what we can make for them to be more comfortable and happy. We will also think about the children in nursery who are new and are away from their Mummy and Daddy. We will consider ways we can make them feel more happy and safe at nursery too!
Our Big Question this week will be; What can we see in the sky. We will use this big question to begin our big enquiry into space in general and whats up there!!

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus (Reflection Week)

IEYC Outcome Focus

1.11a Being empathetic and sensitive towards others

2.60a Using language associated with time; morning, afternoon, day, night etc.

2.13a Listening to others and joining in listening activities for developmentally-appropriate periods of time

Week Beginning 27th Feb

posted 19 Feb 2018, 18:36 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 19 Feb 2018, 18:37 ]

This coming week we begin our new IEYC Unit called Blast Off! We are going to learn all about space! We begin with our Entry point on Wednesday, this will be a very exciting day where a space rocket will have landed in our playground!! We will discover an alien family have landed here and are looking for a home. Their rocket is broken and they need us to build them a cosy place to live in our classroom. We will then go and create a cosy den in our roleplay area. The children will practice making decisions and cooperating together as they use blankets and materials to build the home. We will use our reflection and enquiry skills to think about our own individual homes and what we need in them to feel cosy and happy. 
We will also look at the Big Picture of the Blast off unit and learn what exciting learning we have coming up! The children will have to opportunity to capture their curiosity and share their own interests and ideas for the Space unit. We will reflect on what we already know about space and decide what we would like to explore further.

Here is a space video you can watch at home to take part in your own space enquiry, try to chat more at home to get our ideas and excitement flowing about space!

Weekly Nursery Strand Focus (Entry Point Week)

IEYC Strand Focus

1.8a Being considerate towards individuals

2.3a Expressing ideas and experiences through language

3.3a Exploring similarities and differences in people

Week Beginning 19th Feb

posted 14 Feb 2018, 18:43 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 14 Feb 2018, 18:45 ]

On Monday - Wednesday this week we will have our Reflection week to say goodbye to our Learning Unit; My Toy Shop. We will practice our reflection skills as we think back on all our special toy learning and recall our favourite games/toys that we experienced. Our Big Question will be "What was your favourite game we learned in this unit?"
The children will have the opportunity to practice communicating to an audience as we each present our favourite to the group. We will have lots of fun playing with these games/toys one last time before the toy shop learning goes away. We will also use Seesaw as a reflection tool to help us remember and identify all the super learning we have experienced. 
Our Nursery Exit Point was our class assembly last week, so we will also look back at some of the videos of our performance and celebrate our clever learning together!

At home you can reflect back on the Naughty Bus story. We all agreed that this was our class favourite story!! It features a Red Toy Bus who gets up to mischief. Maybe you can drive your own toy vehicle around your home too, but stay off the dinner plate! :-)

Weekly Nursery Outcome Focus (Reflection Week)

IEYC Outcome Focus

 45. Similarities and differences in people, living things, the environment and materials

9. Play, cooperate and collaborate with others in a variety of situations  

33. The names of a range of shapes and measures

Photos from last weeks' Learning Experiences;

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