Welcome back

posted 31 Aug 2016, 20:43 by neil.pettitt@sakhalinschool.net   [ updated 31 Aug 2016, 20:49 ]
Welcome back to a new year of learning in Middle Years at SIS. As you will see from the front page we start this term with a new look timetable. It is hoped this will provide rigour in learning and a greater secondary school experience for all students.

We have already had a chance today to revise the rubrics for the student Personal Qualities (the updates can be seen on the class front page), and look at designing a road safety campaign for children lower down the school.

Students have now been issued with school domain accounts allowing them to access the school suite of productivity apps including Classroom where most of their learning opportunities will be shared, and where they will submit most of their learning. Should you wish to know more about these learning platforms or any other aspect of your child's learning in Middle Years please contact the school.