Maths and English Learning w/c 19/9/16

posted 20 Sep 2016, 15:33 by   [ updated 20 Sep 2016, 20:01 ]
This week in Maths we will be focusing on manipulation of squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots. 

Learning outcomes include:  I am able to identify square, cube and triangular numbers. I am able to make the connection between squares and square roots (and cubes and cube roots) (M1)
I know how to square or cube a negative number (M2)

In English we will look at the use of verbs and their tenses in language and in Literature begin a more detailed analysis of the first chapter of our class text Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Learning out comes include: To understand what happens in chapter 1, To understand the key points of Old Major’s speech and how language is used.