Learning Outcomes w/c 6/6/16

posted 2 Jun 2016, 19:51 by neil.pettitt@sakhalinschool.net   [ updated 2 Jun 2016, 19:52 ]
Learning outcomes for the following week include:

Know that the study of art is concerned with visual, tactile and personal expression used to share and express emotions, ideas and values (4.01)
Know how art, history and culture are interrelated and reflected through one another over time (4.03) 

Be able to evidence how artists, craftspeople and designers from a variety of traditions from around the world use materials, forms and techniques to express their feelings, observations and experiences (4.05)
Be able to create an original work of art using a variety of processes, materials, tools and media to express their ideas, thoughts, emotions and views of the world 4.07

In Maths Learning Outcomes will include:

I am able to substitute positive and negative integers into equations
I am able to substitute fractions into equations
I am able to rearrange formulae
I am able to change the subject of an equation