Learning Outcomes for w/c 25/1/16

posted 24 Jan 2016, 02:15 by neil.pettitt@sakhalinschool.net   [ updated 24 Jan 2016, 02:15 ]
This week Middle Years look to build on some fantastic Technology learning last week by moving on to History. Learning outcomes will include:

I am able to describe and identify the causes for and the results of historical events and chnges in the periods they have studied (IMYC 4.10)
I am able to describe and make links between the main events, situations and changes both within and across periods (IMYC 4.11)

We focus on Communication as a whole through our unit but also this week on Enquiry as the students look to learn about how war journalism and censorship have been affected by the manner in which communication can be limited and censored.

Maths learning this week will focus on transformations with the students looking to be able to comfortably deal with Reflections, Translations, Rotations and Enlargements.