Learning Outcomes for w/c 18/4/16

posted 30 Mar 2016, 19:25 by neil.pettitt@sakhalinschool.net   [ updated 30 Mar 2016, 19:26 ]
Learning Outcomes for the first week of next term include:

Explain and justify predictions, investigations, findings and conclusions.(IMYC 4.2i)

Gather data to test a hypothesis. (IMYC 4.2c)

Know about the particulate nature, structure and properties of matter; atoms and

molecules. (IMYC

Know about the differences between elements, compounds, pure and impure

substances and the separation of simple mixtures. (IMYC

Maths Learning outcomes this week will include:

I am able to represent data through bar charts and pie charts and choose when which is appropriate.
I am able to interpret data descriptively
I am able to identify the line of best fit for data and identify the mean position