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Challenging the potential of each child, Sakhalin International School is a community where a learner's reflective thinking - through personal qualities, academic rigour and international perspectives - support their future as an accountable global citizen.

Please check this news page regularly for reminders, updates, news and photos about our learning journey. 

Try using these prompts with your child to find out more about the learning below: 'Tell me...',  'Show me...', 'Talk to me about...'.  

The current  IMYC unit is "Structures".

The IMYC links learning through the "Big Idea" for each unit.

The Big Idea for this unit is:

Formal arrangements and relationships underpin or give organisation to complex issues.

New unit for returning MYs students September 2017

posted 5 Jul 2017, 14:53 by Neil Pettitt   [ updated 5 Jul 2017, 14:54 ]

As the summer break is nearly upon us the Middle Years pages have been updated to reflect learning that will take place from September 2017. The new unit will be "Structures" linking learning through the Big Idea: "Formal arrangements and relationships underpin or give organisation to complex issues".

The Learning Letter on the Middle Years front page contains information on the subject matter covered and also for new Middle Years student some suggested iPad apps that will aid learning. Please take the time to discuss the areas of learning in advance and we look forward to welcoming you back to SIS Middle Years in September.

Literacy Learning for w/c 26/06/17

posted 25 Jun 2017, 17:41 by Deputy Head   [ updated 25 Jun 2017, 17:41 ]

Please find below the literacy learning for the week ahead:

To be able to give a recap of a text identifying the major themes and character motivations (We will read Chapter 17 and 18 of Northern Lights following on from which the students will create video recaps)
To be able to identify and discuss irony and its effect

To know the major influences on the English language and how they have impacted spelling (Students will follow a series of exercises in an etymology booklet)

Literacy Learning for w/c 05/06/17

posted 2 Jun 2017, 00:01 by Deputy Head   [ updated 2 Jun 2017, 00:01 ]

Please find below the literacy learning for the week ahead:

To be able to use the features of a narrative text (we will build towards a narrative writing assessment next Wednesday)
To be able to use correctly all the punctuation within the punctuation pyramid
To be able to identify common themes within a text (based on The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan)

Maths Learning for w/c 29/5/17

posted 28 May 2017, 19:27 by Neil Pettitt   [ updated 28 May 2017, 19:27 ]

Learning outcomes for maths this week include:

I am able to describe translations using 2D vectors (M1 and 2).
I am able to interpret and construct tables, charts and diagrams, including frequency tables, bar charts, pie charts and pictograms for categorical data (M1).
I am able to apply statistics to populastion (M2).
I am able to use and interpret scatter graphs (M2).

Middle Years and ICD

posted 28 May 2017, 19:23 by Neil Pettitt   [ updated 28 May 2017, 19:23 ]

Middle Years can be very proud of themselves after delivering a science and art based activity to around 180 children in the afternoon session of International Children's Day. Students prepared age appropriate materials and delivered learning and activities for children from nursery through to P7. Students drew on their Personal Qualities of Responsibility and Communication and were repeatedly commended on the the way they ran their activities by both staff and parent volunteers alike.

Literacy Learning Outcomes for w/c 29/05/17

posted 28 May 2017, 15:12 by Deputy Head   [ updated 28 May 2017, 15:12 ]

Please find below the literacy learning outcomes for the week ahead:

To be able to improve my style (the students will look at creating clear, concise sentences whilst ensuring that their vocabulary choices are impressive without being long-winded)
To be able to identify the major themes in a book
To be able to write in the style of an author

To know the variety of ways in which commas are used in sentences

Literacy Learning Outcomes for w/c 22/05/17

posted 21 May 2017, 15:26 by Deputy Head   [ updated 21 May 2017, 15:27 ]

Please find below the Literacy learning for the week ahead:

Big Provocation -
Mild bullying is fine in that it toughens people up (please note that this type of statement is designed to encourage students to explore an issue more deeply through being provocative.)

To be able to write persuasively (we will assess the persuasive writing skills of our students this week)
To be able to use a greater range of connectives when structuring writing

Media Projects: Respect

posted 3 May 2017, 19:46 by Neil Pettitt   [ updated 3 May 2017, 19:47 ]

In a departure from previous units students were given the opportunity to share their understanding through a media of their choice. The range of media and subject matter was varied and approached with a great understanding of how the Big Idea links learning, not only across subjects but in life in general. Below are some examples of the learning shared. If your child's learning is not here ask them to share it with you. They were all very impressive:

Media Project Respect

History of the Telephone

Media Project Respect

Media Project Respect

Media Project Respect

Media Project Respect

Book Week

posted 3 May 2017, 15:08 by Deputy Head   [ updated 3 May 2017, 15:08 ]

The MY students did a good job of joining in with Book Week dressing up as all sorts of interesting book characters. They were also lucky enough to take part in work shops organized by the author, Chris White, where they explored the process of creative writing in particular relating to poetry. The end results were impressive and it is fair to say that the students were enthused and engaged throughout.

NXplorers 2017

posted 23 Apr 2017, 20:03 by Neil Pettitt   [ updated 9 May 2017, 14:55 ]

This year's NXplorers project got underway on Friday with an all day session at Gymnasium 1. The project looks to give students tools to help visualise their thinking and conceptualise the factors affecting complex real world situations. The project in conjunction with Gymnasiums 1 and 2 will run for the next few weeks.

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